Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Stupid Mommy"

Why is the title in quotes you ask? Well because it's a quote. A word for word quote straight from the mouth of my 3 year old and straight to my face. All because I did not let her push a button on some toy. She was sitting in the cart crossed her arms, scrunched her face and she grumbled "Stupid mommy". Despite my eyes turning to red and steam coming out of my ears I remained calm. The look on my face alone was enough to left her know that she f'ed up big time. We got to the car and I put her in her car seat, whipped out my cell phone and made her tell her father what she had said. And while on speakerphone we decided that her PonyVille toys would be taken away for 1 week and no Spongebob for a week either. There is no doubt that is where she learned that word. The yellow guy tends to say it A LOT. She was sent to her room, let out for dinner and bath and then sent to bed way early. She knew she did wrong. She knew she hurt my feelings and she apologized for it over and over again. And when she woke up this morning the first thing she said to me was sorry again.

So why don't we ban the yellow guy from our house entirely? Well because as much as we would love to shield The Phi from every and all bad word and bad habits we have to be realistic. She is going to hear words like 'stupid' at school, on TV, at the mall. Our job now is to make sure she understands what it means, and how it can make other people feel.

Plus that show is hilarious!


  1. Well, I obviously know what you are going through.

  2. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Im so glad my one year old only says mama and pizza over and over! I love sponge bob! I'm really glad my ham is a few years behind your little ham and I can learn from you and your PR family adventures!

  3. You know, I can't have sponge bob in my house.

    It has nothing to do with my children.

    It is my husband.

    Something happens to him when SB is on.

    Something happens to his BRAIN.

    Our children could be two feet away from him tossing steak knives at each other whilst dropping hits of acid and his brain would be frozen, unable to let his body move until commercial break.

    The same thing happens to him when he's given an ice cream cone.

    it's weird.

  4. I agree with not protecting them from "bad words". I have explained every single word you can imagine, allowed them to say it to me to ask what it means, and then banned it from their mouths. Once they ask me about it, they can't claim innocence from not knowing what it meant.

  5. ha, that is exactly the reason we don't watch spongebob at our house... however, after watching one episode of little bill, my daughter proceeded to call all of us "poopoo diaper babies"...

  6. Anonymous12:11 AM

    Awwww... I can't even imagine how hurt you felt, chica. I try to put myself in your shoes and OMG. I don't know what I would do. I'd probably cry too. =(

    I think you handled it well. As long as they know "right" from "wrong", I think it's ok. Like you said, they're going to hear it from someone else at school, at the store, on the street... But you have to teach them now that it's not nice to say it. To anybody. Period. When I was little, "Stupid" was like one of the baddest words ever. Before I even heard the "F" word! LOL And know what was even worse to say? To say it in "Spanish". "Estupida/o". OMG. I think I got smack on the mouth till my lip bust by my Mom. That was like just as bad as the "F" word. LOL

    For some reason, spanish bad words just sound way worse than english bad words to me. I dunno. Call me crazy.

    And I agree. Spongebob is funny! We watch re-runs all the time. Ha.


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