Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick Day

Today was another sick day for me and The Phi. I thought for sure after dealing with an itchy and hurting eye, The Phi would wake up with pink eye. But I guess she was just thinking about Tia Day Day too much and just got a little jacked eye. She woke up this morning normal. Well "normal" for The Phi. I have been dealing with the flu and I thought with PR Dad having the day off I would be able to sleep in and relax. (Ha ha yea right). But I have been able to hobble over to the kitchen and make myself some tea and move back and forth from den to bedroom. Basically running away from PR Dad and The Phi in an attempt to get some rest and some quite. They usually leave me be for a half hour or so until they both trickle into whatever room I happen to be in. It is like they are magnetically drawn to me. I can't complain (too much) they are the only 2 people in the world I would want following me around the house.

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  1. Anonymous9:54 AM

    I hope you feel better soon. I was home for the past 2 day with Lucas--poor baby had a runny nose, cough and fever. He's better now.


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