Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let It Snow

So it finally got cold around here. We had a lot of rain on Monday. Tuesday was cold. Wednesday we woke up to more rain. I took The Phi to school and settled into my office. An hour or so later I looked out my window to this......


SNOW! In the desert. I could not believe it. I have never seen it snow so much before. Okay I know that this is nothing compared to let's say Chicago. But it doesn't snow here. I asked Mr. Lady (who is a snow expert) what I should do about this snow. She told me to put on 2 pairs of socks and go out and play. She failed to mention that Chuck Taylors are not appropriate snow shoes. My feet were so cold. And those Chuck's don't have much grip at the bottom to I had to take really careful steps.


After another day of shopping we came home to find the Fairlane with a nice coating of snow.
It was so strange to see signs and street lights covered in all the white stuff.


And holy crap was it cold....



  1. You do realize that you have more snow gear for your kid, in the desert, than I do for mine, IN CANADA? We still haven't managed to buy boots. Or a winter coat. I do, however, have gloves that fit for her. Viva la Sponge Bob!

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I am getting cold just looking at your pics. JVS

  3. Anonymous7:36 AM

    are you wearing an MHS sweatshirt?

  4. Wow I am totally busted, but yes that is a MHS Football sweatshirt. In my defense it is from when my youngest sister was in high school there!


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