Friday, December 12, 2008

December 12th

A Blessing from Grandma J, originally uploaded by Punk Rock Mom.

Dear Virgen, (or Beegen as The Phi calls you)

How can it be Dec. 12th already? I feel like we just celebrated. But no, a whole year has passed. Another year and again you have been very kind to me and my family. You have been there to protect us in each and every long car trip we take and from wild fires that threatened my parents beautiful home. You have watched over my Nana and Tata and have kept them in fair health and with us. I thank you every day for them.

La Virgen

You have been there to guide our family as we grow and change and stretch out our branches further and further from each other. And as my Phi grows and gets bigger you have given me the patience and wisdom to know what is best for my daughter. To know when to push her and when to just hug her close to me and shield her from ugliness. You have blessed me with good friends, and a happy marriage. I believe that Joey wears you on his arm as a symbol of the faith that he has in us, our marriage and our life together. Thank you for taking care of our angel Roman in heaven. Has he made you listen to some heavy metal music yet? I bet he has. Hug him from me. I would say to tell him I miss him, but he already knows.

Virgen Mural

So enjoy your day and enjoy your flowers.

Love always,

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  1. lovely photos and open letter. i was thinking of you and your research before i wrote my post last friday.


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