Friday, November 28, 2008

Sucked In

So I have tried to stay away from all the hype that is everything vampire these days. And I was successful until I was turned on to the HBO show "True Blood". I was hooked and as the show ended its season I turned to my local bookstore to satisfy my need for vampire love sagas. I went in to pick up the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series and ended up walking out with that AND Twilight. The movie had just come out and the actors and commercials and billboards were everywhere. And being so susceptible to corporate advertising I caved in and bought the book. PR Dad saw the whole box set and because he knows me better than I know myself he suggested I get the set. Of course I shrugged it off. Told him "Nah, what if I don't like this one?". Holy crap someone needs to smack some sense into me. (Why don't I just know to listen to him!!!) Only after a few pages I was hooked. By page 200 I was ready to get my I Heart Edward tattoo. By the 300th page I was debating how traumatizing it would be if I took The Phi to the movie. (Calm down, I wouldn't let her see that movie. I would totally leave her in the car. I'M KIDDING!)

So now I am getting to the end of the book and I cannot even tell you how close I was to buying the box set from and paying the extra $ for overnight delivery. Because God knows I was not going anywhere near anyplace that sold things. Oh no not on Black Friday. I was like one click away.

And for the record. I have never read a Harry Potter book. Just felt like I had to put that out there.


  1. Anonymous9:25 PM

    I got roped into reading the book, and now I am hooked! Seeing the movie tomorrow night as a mommy's night out!

  2. You are the second adult I know who got the Twilight fever, I am going to have to go get that book.

    ...and take the the know you want to...

    this entire comment was written while simultaneously singing the ABC's, my head hurts

  3. Anonymous9:12 PM

    I know this is a somewhat old post but....i have started reading the twilight books too. i got the first one befor we left to mexico. i read it the whole way there and my mom even whipped ont this ear light thing that goes on your ear and lights up the book really well in the dark. i wanted my mom to stop at the nearest target and buy me the second one pronto but they said no. then i knew something was happening between the family cause seli gave me a present and it was the third book and your mom gave me the fourth. i was catching the drift. but i haven't gone to my nina angies house to pick up my present (the second book in the twilight series) so i cant continue yet =[ ugh i got sucked right in. but the funny thing is i really didnt pay much attention to the whole twilight frenzy untill i read the book. now im just as bad as everyone else. my desktop is twilight for crying out loud!! =]


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