Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In about an hour we will be hitting the road. Heading out to Santa Barbara to stay the night with my parents. My Mom's family is having our big Thanksgiving feast there. Here is the dilemma. The feasting begins at my Mom's at 3pm and the feasting begins at PR Dad's family house at 5pm. The problem is that PR Dad's family is about 120 miles away from Santa Barbara. Which translates to ALOT of time in the car. We will get to spend tonite and tomorrow morning with my parents which is great. We have not been to SB since early August! But once the festivities start we will have to eat and run. We are in charge of the pumpkin pie at PR Dad's so we can be late, but not too late, because what is Thanksgiving dinner without pumpkin pie! And of course we have to be back home Thursday night so that PR Dad can get to work Friday. Black Friday. His store actually opens at 11pm on Thursday. Insane!

I think this is the last year we are going to do this. Starting next year we are going to have to start alternating families for Thanksgiving. It is just too much.


  1. I have never had this problem, as both of Brant's parents passed before we met.
    Good luck, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh Wow! Sounds like you'll be in the car a lot! Enjoy, these experiences is what makes great memories. ;)
    Happy Thanksgiving!


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