Friday, October 17, 2008

Whats In Your Purse

I was tagged by Spoiled Mommy! No I dont ususally do these but she is new to this whole blogging world and so I thought I would play along! Heres the picture of all my crap out of my purse. 

Describe the contents of your bag:
Okay first off this is the Coach bag PR Dad bought me for our anniversary back in June. Inside you find.....
  • In a blue Scion case is my Sony cyber shot camera. I always have a camera with me. 
  • Pure breath mints. I bought these because it has a mirror
  • Candy Shop Cherry Bomb Lip Gloss. And yes I know I am not in 7th grade
  • In the white Puma wrist band is my ipod touch
  • 1 rubber bouncy ball
  • 2 bobby pins and a black clip
  • small bottle of enchanted orchid bath and body works lotion. I think I bought it just to try the scent and was not a fan.
  • The Phi's wrist band from the last ER trip
  • my pink blue tooth. I really need to learn how to use that thing!
  • A pink Dr. Grip pen and a silver pen with my name engraved on it
  • a weird green bug thingie toy
  • The Phis inhaler. NERD!
  • A tube of mini tissues. The best thing from the fair. Now that The Phi is out of the baby wipes phase these are a great substitue. They look like giant pills but you just add water and you have a big and durable wet wipe. I seriously love these things!
  • 2 tubes of lipstick. I know I don't ever wear lipstick
  • an almost empty tube of C.O. Bielow Metha Lip Tint in Tint # 1136. I love the mintyness of this stuff!
  • A strawberry cereal bar and a string cheese
  • a microfiber cloth for my glasses
  • a pad and tampon. Better to be prepared then spotty
  • Extra set of motorcycle keys
  • The Phi's immunization record
  • Tube of ELF super glossy lip shine in the color goddess
  • A pen from The Yarn Deli. LOVE that place.
  • My red glittery Paul Frank wallet that holds all the cards and checks, a picture of The Phi, my business cards, and cash if I ever have any. I mean who carries cash anymore!
  • My super awesome von zipper sunglasses (thanks again Pops!)
  • a small owl notebook from Urban Outfitters that I use as my check register
  • Big Composition notebook to jot down anything I may need to jot down. Hence the 3 pens in the purse!
  • The only thing missing was the case for my sunglasses which I can only assume is in the car and my cell phone which I was using to take the picture. 
Dang thats a lot of stuff. 

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
Hmmmm. I guess my wallet. It has important things like my drivers license, debit card and starbucks card. Or maybe The Phi's inhaler. My kid breathing really is a top priority for me!

Whats the smallest thing in youe handbag?
Bobby pins. I always have bobby pins. 

Is there anything illegal in your hangbag?
ME? illegal? Never!!!!

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  1. I don't even carry apruse anymore...but when I did, I don't think I came even close to rivalling the amount of stuff in yours!
    Oh and I thought Enchanted Orchid was a dud too. I've actually started getting mostly Body Shop stuff over Bath and Body Works.
    Oooh, and Lush! If you haven't seen them, I'd bet you'd like it. I think is the site.


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