Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shut 'em Down

Walked into The Phi's school this morning and her teacher looked like she was in a panic. Wild eyes and all. Another parent was right behind me and she pulled us aside to give us the news. The Catholic Church had decided to shut down the school. The K-8 portion of the school anyways. We were told that they would like our support at a rally to try to keep the school open even though it was not going to effect the Pre-school.  I imagine that this is a financial issue. The school I am sure is in the red and the years of disorganized billing and invoices have caught up with them. Combined with the very low attendance rate due to the fact that these days people cannot afford to send their kids to private school. Its really sad and I feel for the students and the teachers. Especially those 8th graders who have been there since kindergarten. The Phi's school reminds me a lot of my grade/junior high school. Small and quaint. And these kids have been in school together for probably 9 years and were looking forward to the graduation ceremony. And now they are going to be dispersed to different schools. This school has been around for a very long time and I hope that whatever the teachers have planned at this rally works and the school can stay open until at least the end of the year. You know the Catholic Church is not winning any points with me lately. First they sell Self-Help Graphics in Los Angeles and now this. 


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Thats OK!!! That stats clearly show that private school kids are very behind in Math in Science when compared to public school kids.

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    It is a shame that the diocese does not and has never wanted to support their Catholic schools. This has always been the main problem!

    I disagree with anonymous ... private school kids are not behind in math & science. Both types of schools have their ranges of intelligence. And comprehension wasn't even mentioned??

    I just hope ... I will be able to feel comfortable for Cy to be at one of the other local schools. Not to mention, he doesn't even know yet. He loves his school so much. *sigh*


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