Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm going to be "THAT" Mom

I am still having "issues" with The Phi's school. I am planning on attending the PTG (I have no clue what the G stands for) meeting on Monday. I have a list. Like a long ass list of "issues" They are all valid and some more important then others. I can only assume that a PTG meeting is just as disorganized and chaotic as back to school night was, so I am not sure how to go about getting my concerns heard. Do I just raise my hand and go down my list at the start of it all. Or should I sit through the entire meeting and wait until they ask if people have any comments or questions. And if they don't ask by the end of the meeting should I tell them anyways. Or should I go all old school Chicano movement style on their asses with a flyer's on red paper with my demands written in bold black letters? I could wave a flag and host a sit-in until my demands are met. Put it all in a 4 page poem and throw my fist in the air a bunch of times. Is it time for more revolutionary take down the man mode? Oh man, now I miss college. :( 


  1. Anonymous3:35 PM

    All those PTWhatever meetings I went to with intent to bitch up a storm and I never once thought of the Chicano revolutionary approach! Dammit. I fail.

    When I've gone to those meetings,they usually have their little agenda they follow with what THEY want to discuss and then they open it up to parents to say what they want. I know at our meeting they typically hand out an outline of the agenda for the evening and it will say on there whether or not there's a "Sharing Concerns" time. But I suppose if it's disorganized,they may not be so with it and then I guess I would just kind of look around to figure our which person looks like they're supposed to be in charge of the thing and ask them when they want you to list your issues.

    Good luck!!

  2. Anonymous6:20 PM

    ask the person leading the meeting when would be a good time to voice your concerns...if needed, your concerns can become an agenda item...can you tell i've attended waaaay too many dept meetings...

  3. Anonymous6:38 PM

    I say, go a little early and talk to someone before the meeting

  4. Parent-Teacher Group, maybe???

  5. Anonymous10:22 AM

    The fight for Justicia, Tierra y Libertad is over. Voice your concerns and role with the punches.

    When one looke into things to things to much, one can make them bigger then they are.

  6. Like I mentioned in my post some of my concerns are small while others are big and deal with my childs health. To me there is no bigger concern then that.

  7. An interpretative dance maybe...



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