Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am Raising the Next Tina Fey

I see it already. The Phi is going to be a comedian. In about 20 years you are going to see her face in the opening credits of Saturday Night Live.And already at the age of 3 she is serious about her craft. She practices and looks for feed back. If she does something funny and I don't laugh she will ask, "Momma was that funny?" and if I say yes, she adds it to her routine. She even dabbles in physical comedy. Yesterday when I picked her up from school we got to the car. As I was unlocking the doors there was a very very slight gust of wind. She found this a perfect opportunity to practice her improv. She pretended that the wind was so strong that she couldn't walk straight. She was swaying back and forth, stumbling around and flinging her arms around complete with "woahhhhs" All the while looking at herself in the reflection of the car to make sure it looked funny. And you will probably not believe this but she gets it from her Dad. I know what you're thinking, "But PR Dad doesn't even talk!" but I assure you he does talk. And he is funny. He cracks me up on the daily people. And I cannot get a decent picture of the kid. Anytime a camera is even near her she starts with the faces.....


Funny Faces

But as I was looking through photos I realized that she may get some of it from my side of the family too....

Exhibit A: Her Tia Day-Day


Exhibit B: Her Tia Mary


Okay so maybe this comedy might be hereditary.


  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    OMG! Elissa, that was too funny! LOL That spongebob get up...lol

  2. Ha ha ha...yeah, totally genetic.

  3. Does she only act all funny around family? Or is she funny around strangers and at school too (could that be a problem?).

  4. Yup, definitely inherited ;)


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