Wednesday, October 08, 2008

First School Friend

I always ask The Phi is she played with her friends at school, and then I ask what her friends names are. She use to answer me "the kids" and "the boys". Which I assume means everyone in her class. Well that was her answer until yesterday. Yesterday she started referring to her friend "DJ". Today when I picked her up from school while all the other kids were playing at tables, The Phi and "DJ" were happily playing with a doll house on the floor. When she left today she said bye to DJ (oh and tried to take home a jacket that was not hers!) and he said bye to her. It was adorable. DJ is a chubby Native American boy with long black hair that he always has in a pony tail. I think that I was anxious to see when and who The Phi would becomes friends with because I meet my OG BFF on the first day of school. Yes. Jess and I go that far back! I know its a long shot and 26 year long friendships are rare, but maybe "DJ" will be The Phi's "Jessica". You never know, but in the mean time I am so happy that she has a friend, with a name.

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