Monday, October 20, 2008

Gwen does it again.

It took me years and years and years to find a fragrance that I liked. I have never liked the musky or god forbid the flowers. Yes Boo I am talking about your damn tea-rose. Well a few years ago Gwen Stafani from No Doubt fame through her designer line came out with a perfume called LAMB. I liked the smell and loved the packaging. It came with a big  old english "L" on it and the bottle was brown. PR Dad bought me a bottle for Xmas last year and it has been my favorite ever since, well ever since a few weeks ago when I spotted a new fragrance by the Harajuka Lovers line by Gwen Stafani. It is a cute line with little dolls on top of 1 oz of scent. Each doll is a different scent and the "G" scent it was I have been looking for. Its a perfect blend of coconut and musk. And of course its sold out everywhere we have looked. 

Is thispost just a big hint for my sisters for my birthday? Maybe.

 And speaking of birthdays we want to give a big shout out to our compadre and The Phi's Nino JZ. Happy Birthday Man! Be careful popping the champagne!! 


  1. Anonymous5:45 AM

    I am one who cant do the flowery stuff now you have me very curious and wanting to try this perfume!

  2. See this is why we get along! I love her L.A.M.B perfume for all the reasons you described, especially that freakin old english L. How freaky is that? I haven't had a chance to smell the new line but I'll take your word for it.

    Hope you have a happy birthday woman!! Smile!


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