Thursday, October 23, 2008

bad bad day

damn I'm having a bad day. And it keeps getting worse. This morning The Phi was in awesome defiant mode. Which means scolding and discipline first thing in the morning. Drop her off at school and get to the office. The phone has not stopped ringing with one emergency after another. I've had to destroy this office looking for a book that I do not believe exists. My desk is full of time sensitive projects that are not getting finished and everyone keeps adding more to the list. Pick up The Phi from school to find out that a kid in her class has strep throat and foot and hand disease, so to watch her for symptoms. Fucking aye. Back to the office for more madness. And now The Phi needs to be getting dressed for ballet class and instead she is asleep on the floor. Can I go sit in the corner and cry now?


  1. hand foot mouth disease is gnarly. I remember having two kids at the day care come down with that. Super contagious but I don't remember anyone catching of from the infected kid. Looks really uncomfortable though. For some reason I remember only the fat kids would come down with that

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    This entire week felt like that to me! Ugh... glad it's over!


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