Monday, August 18, 2008

Viva Las Stretchy Pants

"When you are a man, sometimes you wear stretchy pants in your room.... It's for fun...."

So the date is set. On Sept. 2nd The Phi will be starting pre-school. I can't even begin to tell you how freaked out I am about this. But what it worrying me the most right now is not making friends, or her adjusting to the new schedule, or if she will cry on the first day. What worries me most is the whole bathroom situation. See The Phi is technically potty trained but she is not really comfortable with the whole completely on her own thing. Things like wiping and flushing and pulling up her pants are still a bit tough. And this is totally PR Dad and Mine's fault. We are what some may refer to as "helicopter" type of parents. You know constantly hovering. So we have always done these little tasks for her because it was easier and less time consuming. The times we try to get her to work things out on her own it usually ends with The Phi walking out of the bathroom calling for one of us with her pants around her ankles. Well when we met with the pre-school teacher she very quickly informed us that she "does not wipe" . So of course we have been having her practice and it has been going okay, but now my biggest fear about her going to school is her not being able to pull her pants up and walking out into the classroom with her pants around her ankles and all the kids pointing and laughing at her and The Phi freaking out and crying and never wanting to go back to school. All because she couldn't pull her pants back up. This, really, this is now my biggest fear. Ahh you have to love parenting. Anyways I found a way to ease my fear. I stocked up on stretchy pants for The Phi. Because we all know that stretchy pants are much easier to pull up than jeans. As I was looking over the stretchy pants color selection at Target I remember that as a kid I too wore many many stretchy pants. Maybe Mom was afraid that I would walk out with my pants around my ankles too! And maybe a lot of parents have this fear and that's why the stretchy pants industry will never die. Viva Las Stretchy Pants! VIVA!


  1. I love you for quoting Nacho Libre. as if I needed another reason.

    My only suggestion is to STOP PULLING HER PANTS UP NOW. Her freaking out on you is better than her freaking out in school.

    And stretchy pants are totally awesome. Stir up pants with legwarmers, doubly so.

  2. At our school, we only wipe them up when they have an accident, other than that, it is up to them. Also, coming out of the bathroom with her pants down? Not a big deal at all. Most kids are too busy playing to notice, and the teacher in the class will probably be right on top of her to usher her back into the bathroom. In the four years I have been doing this, I have only seen kids pointing and laughing once, maybe twice.
    That was a good idea with the stretch pants. We actually suggest easy-on, easy off clothing in our parent manual.
    She is going to do great! Yay for the Phi!

  3. She will do just fine. I was an assistant pre-school teacher all through college because I wanted to work where Isabella went to school. There will be other kids that aren't full on potty trained yet as well and I have never seen kids point and laugh in a mocking manner. She will not have an Ugly Betty moment and be scarred forever. But do stop pulling up for her so she does it on her own (I am also guilty of doing it myself because it is faster than waiting eons for the kid). We didn't wipe either for them but it's so they learn to do it on their own. Some parents would be upset when they came home with skid marks but eventually they learned to wipe themselves thoroughly which is the whole point of being self sufficient. Stretch pants are a great idea.

    She will do great and she will be liked....I mean, who would not dig a kid that calls herself Sunblock Ocho?

  4. Why are these easier to pull up than normal pants? Are they the same as some fat grown women wear??

    BTW, as a guy I think these are the most hideous things a grown woman can wear. Grosssssssss! Can you say "not with a ten foot poll". Talk about what not to wear. Jeans aren't much better. Buy a dress!

    The teacher probably does not wipe for fear of molestation accusations. This day and age I'd never touch a kid anywhere.

  5. You will see she will do great. They are used to kids at all stages. Tell her she needs to start practicing. If she does cry that first day, totally normal. Stay a little bit and then leave, NO matter What. Call and check in on her. They will understand! She will make friends. She will have fun. It will be harder on you, I promise

  6. Anonymous1:53 PM

    My baby is starting pre-school too and I'm freaking out over it so I can totally relate. I've never sent a kid to pre-k. I was the pre-k teacher. The potty thing we have down-pat but he is such a quirky kid with odd little habits and an INTENSE personality. Most of my anxieties seem to be centered on how the teachers will handle that.

    But I'm sure they'll both do just fine and we're all worrying about NOTHING. right???

  7. I had the same worry with DS2, but then I started putting him in his brother's pants. Slightly larger pants with elastic waists are very easy to pull up apparently.
    The downside is they don't always stay up


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