Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starting From Nothing

I updated my ipod touch to the new 2.0 version. I love it and it rocks and I adore the applications I can add. But it wiped out everything on my ipod. This was totally my fault, so don't be scared to update your ipod! So I had to start my collection from scratch. The other day I had an urge to watch the "Frida" movie. I conned PR Dad into wanting to watch it too by promising a boob shot from Selma Hyack. (Roommate Matt even seemed interested in watching after that!) So I go to the living room dvd player where I thought the dvd was in. It wasn't. Instead there was the cd Hope and Wait by a band called My Friend Steve. So while I was updating my ipod and adding music the cd was sitting on my desk. And I thought "hmmm I haven't listened to this in awhile. I think I will throw it on the ol' ipod". Then while cleaning the kitchen I put on my headphones and the first song from that "Hope and Wait" cd came on. Called "The Schooling". The first strum of the guitar and that voice singing that first line. "what do you see, when all that surrounds you is darkness?". My stomach dropped a little and a smile spread across my face because I was instantly transported back to 1999. When life was amazingly different and just as wonderful, but in a first time away from home at college kind of way. In a first taste of freedom and Independence kind of way. I was taken back to sitting on that couch with that blanket with a text book on my lap, watching the rain outside of the sliding glass door.


  1. I think it's amazing how music can transport us back in time. For me, it is always older Depeche Mode, the Cure, or any old goth stuff I listened to.

  2. I've not made the iPod leap yet. At 45, blogging is the biggest leap I've made into the 21st century!

  3. Aaahhhhh, Salma'a boobs. Shoot, that made me want to watch the movie too! HA. Salma has perfect round melon boobs. I so wish I had perfect round melon boobs. See, Salma's got me sounding all lesbianish and stuff just cuz I am jealous of her boobs.

    I totally forget that your post was about wiping out your ipod cuz I was so transfixed on Salma. Ahahahahaha.


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