Wednesday, July 16, 2008

His First Day of College

Growing up, my Mom always took a picture of us by the front door on the first day of school. All decked out in our new school clothes. For the first few years my sisters are of her crying. Poor Ouie! Well yesterday PR Dad started his college class last night. So I made him pose by the front door before her left. He is such a good sport. He is taking a motorcycle training class. It is 3 days this week and he seems to be pretty excited about it. It is all part of his sneaky plan to get himself a motorcycle by the end of the summer. And yes the beard is real. And before you ask (because someone always asks!) he has been growing it for 2 years. At last measure it was about 1 foot long. And no he is not middle eastern and does not play with System of a Down.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    AAAWWWW, how cute!
    Brant needs to take that class. He got a Yamaha scooter to ride to work so we could save money on gas, and he only has a permit.

    You guys would def. save $$$. I realize a motorcycle is different than a scooter, but Brant is only paying 3.50 for gas every OTHER week. He is supposed to get 95 miles to the gallon.

    It might be worth the money to invest in a bike for him. And it is better for the environment.

  2. Anonymous1:37 PM

    That's so funny. My mom used to do that too! Something I miss out on since we school at home.

    Have fun at class.

  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I'm still waiting for a picture of the beard in a braid. . . tell Joey it's the price of food and lodging. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GUYS. Elias asks daily when the Phi is coming to visit. He said she can sleep in bed with him "and I won't even wake up early." This is only cute because they're 3.

  4. go Mr. Joey! get an A+!

  5. Anonymous9:39 AM

    LOL, I put my kids through that still. You are a good sport Joey. Good luck in class, I am sure you will Ace it. Give my Phi a big red lipstick kiss for me. :)
    Love Tia Mary

  6. That is such a cute photo of PR Dad, and I love the idea for first day of school pictures. I have a while to go before school days, so I should write that down (somewhere that I would remember to look months and months from now) to remind me.


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