Friday, July 11, 2008

Revolutionary take down the man mode

Another day, another trip to the local library. This time it was a solo trip just to drop off a book and find a new one for me. BUT there was something that was bothering me about the library. When The Phi and I had gone of Wednesday they told me I had a 30 cent late fee. WHAT!? I am crazy about getting books back on time. And this is not always an easy task because the library keeps changing how long you can check out books. Currently new books can only be checked out for 1 week. All other books for 2 weeks. So when The Phi and I pick books I always always pick regular old books so that I have 2 weeks to get them back. Well turns out one of the books I returned on Wednesday was a new book, and was due on Monday. Hence the 2 day late fee.

But I knew, KNEW that I had only picked old books. I knew that I had not turned in anything late. I mean I have a lot of crap to think about everyday. I had schedules and lists floating around in my head like crazy. But I can seem to find room in my brain for library book due dates. It was bugging like crazy. The public library is trying to rip me off. And people this is not the first time! So when I pulled into the parking lot I called PR Dad to get the name and author of the "late" book. It was written down on The Phi's summer reading program list. He did not answer. Damnit! doesn't he know he is suppose to be at my beck and call when I get into my revolutionary take down the man mode. So I went into the library and looked up the book in question. According to the computer the book was still on the shelf. So I went into the kids section and pulled out the book. Sure enough it was NOT in the new section. It did NOT have the big yellow 'new' sticker on the outside, and the due date stamped inside was July 14, 2008, NOT July 7, 2008. I knew it. They were trying to rip me off for 30 cents. And this would not be a giant deal, but it had happened before and damnit I was right.

I went up to the counter with the book for me (Friday Night Knitters Club!) and the book in questions. The lady behind the counter was the same lady who informed me of my 30 cent fee. I showed her the book, the due date stamp, the lack of 'new' sticker. She said she would have to check to see because sometimes they have more than one copy. No freaking way. And of course there wasn't and she took off my fine. "Booyah library lady, in your damn face. You tried to rip me off, but it didn't work. Biatch!" Okay I didn't say that, my freakin good upbringing would never allow me to say that out loud, but I was totally thinking it in my head.

What kind of scam are they running at the library, because well 30 cents adds up fast. If you are a reader of this blog then you know that this is not my first negative encounter at the library. Remember when that library dude tried to be funny and told me to take The Phi outside so she didn't have an accident! At night, in the middle of winter. Well today I took my first step to being pro-active and not just a complainer. I emailed my local mayor, I asked her about how the local library was run. Was there a board of directors, or just one person. Maybe the King/Queen of the library? And if so, how do I become the Queen of the library?


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    if i lived in your district i'd vote for you! thanks for spending dinner w/ us last night- it was awesome!

  2. I have had problems with our library, too. They claim I did not turn three books in, but I KNOW I did.
    Our library is a mecca for the homeless. It is a little scary there.

  3. And what I want to know is if they charge you for being late, why don't you get anything when you return early. I will often check out a book for two weeks and return it in one. Does anyone recognize that?! Hell no!

  4. LOL I just went to the library cuz my son ordered this special star wars book...turns out we forgot to return a Muppets video. Thats right a freakin' video. When we turned it in...barely a week late...they tried to charge us $1.99. WTH? For a Muppets video. Then the lady said since you were so responsible and actually brought your return to the counter instead of dumping it, I'll only charge you $1. *rolls eyes* My poor kid could have bought himself a bag of hot cheetos with that! But I digress...he is learning responsibility and you know he won't be late again.

    I dig your revolutionary take down the man mode. Recognize, PR Dad! Get in where you fit in, homie!


  5. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Librarians of today obviously all went to the same training. They seem to be perfectly capable of making you feel like crap for checking out a book that your tax dollars put on the stupid shelf in the first place.

    For awhile, whenever we went in, they would look up our account on their computer, and pause and say quietly, "Oh...I see" but never anything more. I was dying to know what sort of intel they had on us!

    Thankfully, our tax dollars have provided a completely new self checkout, and we can keep all books for 3 weeks! Guess I won't be taking that for granted anymore, either.

    Glad to hear that someone got the best of the library for once.


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