Thursday, July 10, 2008

Facing my Fears

So yesterday at about 2:30, The Phi and I were heading to the library for their Wednesday Summer Reading Program activity day. As we were driving downtown we passed the little local movie theatre. The Phi pointed and started yelling"Mom, Wall-E!" when she spotted the movie poster. I noticed that it was playing at 3:45. It was also Wednesday, Family day at the theatre. All movies $2.50 and a large popcorn and large drink for $4.50. And these days you can't bet those prices for a movie. So I knew that if we were going to watch this movie it was going to have to be a last minute thing. If we planned in advance I would have backed out. See Wall-E reminds me way too much of E.T. I know E.T. was a alien and Wall-E is a robot. And really like PR Dr. Nina pointed out Wall-E is more like Johnny 5. But I have never seen Short Circuit and well Wall-E has those big droopy eyes and the voice. And well E.T has scarred me for life. When E.T. went home, and him and Elliot did that finger touch thing, I lost it. I was overcome with sadness. After sitting in the theatre with my Mom, and falling in love with E.T. he was leaving, forever. It was too much for my little 5 year old heart to handle and I cried. A lot. In public. I have never seen the movie again. PR Dad knows this story and just to make my post traumatic stress disorder go off the charts he will sometimes touch fingers with The Phi and they say "hoooommmee". So my buddy Fishlamp refused to take The Phi with him to see it. Apparently he follows the blog a bit too close and The Phi's antics are fresh in his mind. He assured me that it was a cute movie and that I would like it and it was nothing like E.T. (yea that was kind of a lie). So we pick up PR Dad and headed over to the movie theatre. We stocked up on red vines, raisinettes (that PR Dad ate all of them!!!), fruit punch, popcorn, nachos and a hot dog. (PR Dad had not had lunch!) and got comfy in our seats. We booed the screen when that stupid Beverly Hills Chihuahua preview came on (I am so disappointed in you George Lopez) The movie was cute. I don't want to give the plot away but I must say there were some ET similarities. Just replace Eliott for a white robot named Eve. There was even alot of talk about going home. I was pleasantly surprised by the social commentary weaved through the movie. You know touching on topics like the environment and modern technology. There were a few times when I thought things were going to end badly. And I kept thinking, if this takes a turn for the worse I am going to lose my shit, right here in the theatre. My eyes began to well up and then.....things took a turn for the better for Wall-E and I was saved from another round of public humiliation. The movie was about 20 minutes too long for The Phi. She got antsy toward the end. But it was cute, but like most cartoon movies, it was no Lilo and Stitch.


  1. We saw WallE on Tuesday. It was cute! I liked it. Those fat people on the flying chairs kinda freaked me out tho. My feet kinda look like theirs! LOL My kids were good, as long as they had a tub of popcorn in front of their face.

    I thought it was similar to ET, too. I loved that movie so much. I remember not wanting it to end.

  2. I want to see that movie! I've heard great things about it.
    (visitor from AllMediocre)


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