Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PR Dad Goes to College

* I want to start off with this disclaimer. PR Dad is a brilliant brilliant man.

So PR Dad lives in a house with 2 adults who have/are going to university for many many years. PR Dad on the other hand has no college experience what so ever....until now. Yes people PR Dad has signed up for a class. Lets make a little game out of it. Now its a short course over just 3 days, and he doesn't get any college credit for it, and he is not technically a student at this college, but he is taking a course on campus for 3 days. Any guesses at to what kind???

In other school-ish related news. I lost sleep last night over a phone message from work. I had a message from a collection agency and I was racking my brain to figure out what it could be. Seriously it really had me freaking out. So this morning I call to see what this was about. This collection agency was trying to pin me for a $11,000 debt for a school I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO! He said he would review the file. He called me back and asked me if the last 4 digits of my social were #-#-#-#. Not even close. Then he wanted to know what my social was. Nice try wise guy. I did not give to him. He apologized for the mix up and said he would not bother me again.


  1. Hi! I'm new to your site, but I found you compliments of AllMediocre. Good job!

  2. i know what kind of school it is, but i won't give it away.
    you should call or e mail the gov agency that deals with scams and give them the number in case it is a scam.


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