Thursday, July 24, 2008

Does the fun ever start?

So I have been on vacation from work for almost 24 hours now. And in those 24 hours I have become more stressed then when I left work. So much to do and pack. And I did not make my infamous list this year, so I am flying by the seat of my pants and just know that I will forget many many things. Even though it looks like we have packed the whole house. I have to clean up and get all the trash out of the house. And because that wasn't enough, last night The Phi decided it would be a great time to crap all over herself and the toilet seat, and the bathroom rug. Ahhh good times. BUT the finish line is near and we should be on the road in a matter of hours. So I have been a good blogger and set up everything to post while I am gone. Don't get too excited they are mostly pictures. But while you are here feel free to read the archives. If you think The Phi is adorable now, you should have seen her as a baby! So until I can find good Internet access, or we get back! Have a great week Internet! In between beers and swimming and relaxing and reading and knitting we will miss you! We are so Audio 5000!

Peace Out!


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