Monday, July 07, 2008

Close Enounters of the Blog Kind

So I am a blogger. (duh) And I also read a lot of different blogs daily. I have just discovered the genuis that is Google Reader and now all my favorites are stored for me. blog that I read daily is called "Hello World" written by the witty Pearmama. A mother of 7! and an artist! On her blog she posted about a exhibit where some of her recent work was going to be displayed. She reads this blog too and comments often. Since she lives near by (ish) we went and I met my first blog friend. It was strange only in the sense that we knew so much about each other even though we were meeting face to face for the first time.

PR Mom and Pearmama and proof that we really are Mom's. Our kids!

I was blown away by her art work. For the past few weeks she has been talking about the struggles she has gone through to get the work done and be the awesome Mom that she is. I must say I was impressed. (one because I have no artistic ability whatsoever.) And they all had such a chicano influence to them they were right up my style. I took pictures of her 3 pieces and thought I would let you know what they made me think of .....

This painting immediatley made me think of death and skeletons. Yet there is still so much beauty in this woman. It made me think of how (like my Mom!) many women become more beautiful with age. All the stages and events we go through make us stonger and more beautiful. The closer to death the more vibrant and colorful we become.

I loved this one! I reminded me of myself and how I am when I fall in love. I fall quickly and totally. I hand them my heart on a plate, fork and all.

The colors on this piece were soft and gorgeous. I loved the flowing hair and the layering of the pear image with the bars of the cage. This one made me think of the artist. Since she is "Pear"mama. It made me think how motherhood can sometimes feel like being caged and how our creative outlets like painting and writing can help us feel more free.

This piece was done by Pearmama's equally talented husband!

Thanks again for the invite Pearmama! We had such a good time and hope we can hang out again soon!

And since when I put brush to canvas it looks like a 2 year old did it, I think I am going to stick to photography. While walking back to the car I made this picture. Here is the end result after some editing tricks!


  1. Nice artwork! I'm heading over now to check your new friend's blog.

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    very cool artwork. we're back from maui! what are you up to this week? ~pap

  3. My thoughts on the third painting is this...cages are meant to keep the creature from escaping, but they are also meant to protect it. And that is what this whole motherhood journey has done for has protected me from the wilderness and other foolish paths I might have chosen.

    Again, thanks for the love.

  4. I was there, as well. I even recognized you from your blog and commented to my hubby excitedly , "Ooohhh! Oooh! It's the Punk Rock Parents!" He, of course, thought I was crazy! I have walked down the alley in your picture a million and one times, but you made it look cool!

    Thanks for the welcome.

  5. If I didn't live so far away, I would've liked to check out her artwork too. Totally cool!

    Yay for blogger encounters.


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