Tuesday, July 08, 2008

As Seen on TV...kind of

So not since "Set it and forget it" have I been excited by an infomercial. Aqua Globes had me hooked from the first time I saw this commercial. Or maybe it was its closeness to Aqua Net. They seemed to be the answer to my plant watering problems at the office. The problem being me not having enough time or every remembering to water the plants. So when I saw that they would double my order now. I ordered now. And yesterday my individually packed aqua globes came in the mail. I dropped all the work I was doing to rip open the package and admire the hand blown glass in 4 different colors. They were bigger than I imagined and they were pretty cool. I read the instructions, because I am a nerd like that and began filling and inserting my aqua globes into the various plants (that were still alive) in the office. They were pretty and I was happy knowing that I would not have to worry about watering the plants for 2 whole weeks. Well today my little cloud of happiness was shattered when I checked on the aqua globes. I had followed the instructions and yet still they were not working properly. See I found the flaw. Once the stem is inserted into the soil and some water is released the wet soil gets gunked up in the stem and no more water can get out. Oh my soul was crushed. Why do infomercials always leave me feeling cold and empty. So despite their beauty and unbelievable price tag, I cannot recommend these to my peeps!


  1. Another reason to not fall for the informericals! Sorry they don't work!

  2. I was going to buy these. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. elaine wanted these. give it some time, you never know.

  4. I got one of these for my mom and they work great, no holes to plug up because the terracotta just seeps the water out.

    terracotta frog

    Thanks for your email (and the Phi's)!

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Sorry to year your first experience with Aqua Globes wasn’t a positive one. Are you sure you first made a hole in the soil? a pencil or wooden spoon handle works well. We’ve heard from other customers who had the same problem that by carefully making the hole first their next experience was better.

    Aqua Globes

  6. Wow! Aquaglobes themselves left a comment! But yes I did poke a hole with a glass rod about the same size as the aqua globe stem.

  7. Anonymous12:17 PM

    It is always prudent to adopt the "wait and see" attitude. If something actually works it will sell like hotcakes and everyone will own it.

    -Mr. Knowitall


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