Thursday, June 05, 2008

Over 40 pokes and all I got was this lousy pony

The Phi had her annual allergist appointment yesterday. The dreaded dreaded allergy test. Those of you not familiar with these tests (lucky bastards!) it involves these plastic things with tiny needles at the end of about 6 sticks each with a different allergen. The Phi had to be poked with 6 different ones of those on her back and arms. It was as horrible as you might imagine. There was kicking, bucking, screaming, and big crocodile tears. It was tough for me not to grab her and take her out of there. PR Dad was holding her and poor guy got a head butt to the mouth. The poor nurse, but really the poor The Phi. We were prepared and the night before I had sent PR Dad out to buy a new pony. After it was done we gave her a new pony and it helped calm her down. Then the nurse had to come back to measure the reactions. More screaming and yelling. She kept screaming "I want to put my shirt back on!". After we spoke with the Dr. and reviewed the results. She still has a lot of the same allergies, and even some new ones, but they were all pretty minimal and most less than a year ago. So he suggested that we slowly begin to reintroduce bananas and eggs into her diet. But she still has to stay far away from nuts. (Her Dad is happy about that one! ) We talked to him about the asthma-like attacks that she has had in the last few months. About 3 of them. And guess what? They were asthma attacks. She is now on a daily dose of Singular along with her Zyrtec and like she wasn't dorky enough, she now has her very own inhaler. To only be used as needed for an asthma attack. My poor kidd-o. She had a rough day yesterday and last night as we watched Food Network, it was nice to cuddle with her and hold her. I know that what we deal with when it comes to The Phi's allergies and asthma is nothing compared to what other parents go through on a day to day basis, but it is still tough to feel like you can't protect your child from everything. Like you are not taking care of them enough. I always feel so guilty for The Phi's allergies, because maybe if I would have breastfed longer she might not have them. I feel like her rashes and all the itching is my fault.

And in honor of The Phi having her first banana in 2 year I leave you with this...


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    It's not your fault. And I know that you'll find a way to move past that line of thought (in time). It's not anyone's fault, as something like this cannot be blamed on any one thing (or person).

    You're a good mother, who takes tremendously great care for her family. That's what you should "dwell" on.

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    There is an old Dominican Republic remedy that cures asthma. I know it will sound a little weird and it might be a little difficult to get, but snake oil has cured asthma in the D.R. for hundreds of years.A daily dose for 3-4 months should do the job. Look in to it?? Suerte!!!

  3. Anonymous12:07 AM

    I hear you when you say you feel like the allergies are your fault, though they're definitely not.

    Two of my children actually wear hearing aids, because they're hard of hearing - a condition they were born with inherited from me.

    When I was told they needed hearing aids, I felt extremely guilty and ended up beating myself over it for a couple of weeks, before a Nurse friend took me aside and told me that it was not my fault.

    It was something that happened that couldn't have been avoided, and it's the same with your daughters allergies.

    I've been lurking here for a while, but when I saw this post, I decided to finally de-lurk and say hi. :P


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