Friday, June 06, 2008


We headed out to our usual Thursday night hang out, Palm Springs. After the rough Wednesday we had it was nice to have a good relaxing, birthday gift shopping, farmers market kind of afternoon/evening. We wandered the mall, bought my sister a gift, bought the nieces and nephews a little something-something, ate at our favorite Grill-A-Burger, wandered the farmers market and somehow ended up inside a Ben and Jerry's. Already at such a young age The Phi cannot resist a "stick you head in" cardboard cut out. She insisted to be the one in the hat. While at a Barnes and Noble yesterday we were checking out some cd's. PR Dad came across a new kids cd from the Barenaked Ladies. I liked the band enough so I gave their attempt at kids music a listen. Now when The Phi was born I was so worried that I would be subjected to hours upon hours of annoying children's music, but I have been pleasantly surprised to find that a lot of the kids music out there kind of rocks. This cd called "Snacktime!" is one of them. But then we heard this song, and we knew that it was made just for The Phi.....

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  1. dang that is so phi's song. goes to show u that many people are dealing with their young kids and their allergies.


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