Friday, April 11, 2008

Its a Miracle!

Okay so about a year ago we attempted to get pictures taken of The Phi for her 2nd birthday. You can read about that experience HERE. I am still traumatized by that whole ordeal. I had sworn I would never take her to another portrait studio again. Maybe, just maybe if she wanted Senior portraits taken I would entertain the idea. Maybe. Well earlier this week PR Dad began (without my knowledge or consent!) talking to The Phi about going to take pictures. He told her about the studio, about the camera, the flashes and all the people she could give a picture to. He even took her to the studio to see where everything was. Where she would take the pictures. She seemed pretty stoked about it. We practiced looking at the camera and saying cheese without looking like a crazy person. So with a push from PR Dad I called and made an appointment. I made it for 4:30, with plenty of time for The Phi to nap and get ready. The night before we let her decide on if she wanted to wear, pants, shorts or a dress. Of course she picked a dress! And I even let her decide which purple clips to wear. So on the way there things were good. We got to the studio and they were running behind so she got to play in the waiting room And then it was time to take pictures. And the pre-melt-down began. She did that thing she does with she sticks out her arm and waves her hand back and forth and says "No Mom". We convinced her to walk into the studio area and we picked a background. Now last time it was the changing of the backgrounds that freaked her out so this time we walked her out to a different section while the motorized background did its thing. So we bring her back in and tell her that it was time to take pictures and sit on the table. Now normally I am on this kid about climbing tables. This time she wanted nothing to do with it. She was clinging to us it took him a few minutes but PR Dad finally got her to sit. After that she did okay. We took her out of the room for each background change and we even got a few good shots. Of course we had to pick from the first few for the package, but I was happy with the one we got. But The Phi does not have a modeling career in the near future. It is a very good representation of all that is The Phi. We celebrated the successful photo shot with a Rancho Cucuamonga Quakes baseball game!

On another note I want to give a shout-out to my buddy G$! He made the Presidential Honor's List at his school! I am so proud of you G$!


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