Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Weiners

Is it even possible that this week went by faster than last week! I have been taking pictures everyday and learning more and more about editing and just messing with color and sharpeness etc... For even more Weekly Winners, please visit And please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

As we were driving out to a park for some walking the sun was beginning to set. Here is the 10 freeway taken through our windshield. I messed with the shaprness to bring out the lines in the road and the outline of the trees and then messed with the colors to make the sun brighter. Oh yea and cropped it a bit.
Angelica gave The Phi a bag of dress up clothes and she loved them all, but her favorite was the purple feather fan. Those big brown eyes just kill me.

My little powerful woman in training. My parents brought her back this t-shirt from Miami. It is such a cool shirt with La Virgen, an Adelita, Frida, and Sor Juana Ines. The best part is that The Phi knew who La Virgen and Frida were!

And of course there was Easter egg coloring on Friday night.


  1. weekly weiners hmmm.. has that always been there? I am so unobservant *sigh*

    I like how you have fiddled with the exposure on the first one it looks really cool.. Your daughter has beautiful brown eyes....

    and of course silliness is always great..

    cheers kim xxx

  2. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I LOVE that first one and the effect you gave your photo! Your girl is full of adorableness!!

  3. That first one is brilliant. Love the others as well. Your eggs turned out way more consistent then ours!

  4. Love the work you did on the first one. Nice! And the second one is beautiful!

  5. That first pic is incredible! I love the PS work on it! wow!
    And the second one is just lovely, I love the misty look to it.

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Wow - that first shot is awesome!!!

    Looks like coloring eggs was lots of fun!

  7. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Aww, your daughter's precious! Great job w/the Easter eggs :)

  8. That little girls is beautiful, especially when she's being silly! :-)

    Great pictures, as usual. Hope you're having a great day. Oh, and thanks for dropping by! :-)

    My post...

  9. Love the first 'edited' photo, and Phi with the feather. Also, your eggs came out great, they look happy!

  10. that first pic... WOW! I want to learn to do that!! ;) Your daughter's eyes are lush, I'm jealous!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope ya had a great weekend :)

  11. Love what you did on the first picture and your daughter has beautiful, dark eyes!

  12. Love them all:) The first shot is beautiful and the egg shots are fun!

  13. Oh she's a sweetie!!!!
    Neat effects on those first photos.

    Happy Easter and happy WW!

  14. the first one is awesome.

    and the child ... preshusssss!!!!!! :-)

  15. Lovin that corn dog shirt! She's such a doll :) The eggs came out fabulous! Happy Easter :)

  16. Very cool pictures. The sunset is beautiful. I would like the purply pink feathers too.

  17. Looks like lots of fun! I'm new to Weekly Winners.

    Stop by sometime. I'll fix you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

    Confessions of an Apron Queen:

  18. I love that shirt! Too cool.

    My neice is named Sophia, too. Ever since she was born, we called her Phia!


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