Monday, March 24, 2008

The Untold Story

Every mommy blog that you read has the mandatory birth story. Well I was a little late to the blog game and started this blog when The Phi was already 5 months old, so her birth story never made it on here. But today is the day to post or re-post your birth story. So since it has been almost 3 years I don't know how much I can remember but here it goes.....

So the day before The Phi was born it was PR Dad's Moms b-day. My very very pregnant ass headed out with PR Dad and my (at the time) future mother-in-law to dinner at Outback. I was feeling very off all day ling. No contractions or anything, just kind of strange. So after dinner we head home and as we got into bed that night PR Dad looked at me and said "okay you can have the baby now". Well about 3 hours after that, about 3:30 am I woke up to menstrual like cramps. The date was now Sunday, May 22, 2005, PR Dad's 32nd birthday and my due date. As the pain got worse and more constant I woke up PR Dad and told him I thought I was in labor. I decided to wait it out to make sure. My family was all about 2-3 hours away and I knew that they would ALL get in their cars and start the trip out to the desert, but I didn't want them to waste the gas if it was just a false alarm. What I can remember between 4 am and 8 am just sitting up in bed rocking back and forth when the contractions hit. Sometime about 8 or so I finally feel back to sleep for about 45 minutes. My nap didn't last long and when I was awake and in pain again, PR Dad finally got his ass out of bed. We made sure the bags were packed and just waited until I felt like I was rally in labor. About 10 or so I finally felt like it was safe to call the family. I called my youngest sister first. She had been putting her partying on hold just in case the baby came. She screamed with excitement and I went on with the calls. I think the contractions were so strong when I tried calling my parents that PR Dad had to make the rest of my calls. After everyone was notified we headed to the hospital. It was about noon.

Even today, almost 3 years later when we drive that small canyon that gets us to the hospital I think about that morning and how excited and nervous I was about labor and becoming a Mom. PR Dad drove quickly and every bump was painful. We went straight up the the labor and delivery floor and was quickly dressed in an attractive hospital gown and hooked up to monitors. Then I was checked and was already a 5 centimeters dilated. Then the waiting game began. I remember being notified when certain people arrived. When my parents showed up my Mom came into my room and stayed there until The Phi was born. The pain was bad. I even remember one time looking over at PR Dad on my left and saying "I can't do this anymore" There was drugs and they were good but did not last very long. By 9:30pm (18 1/2 hours of labor!) they offered me the epidural one last time and I finally said yes. In the past I had been hospitalized with meningitis and had some awful experiences with spinal taps and was not looking forward to an epidural. Turns out either the antisiologist was the best ever in his field or the contraction pains were so bad that I didn't even feel the needle go in. Epidurals are the best thing ever to ever be invented and used. I love them more than I have words to describe. Anyways after the epidural things got pretty boring. I got word that all the peeps in the waiting room had a pool going as to what time the baby would be born. As the hours passed I was worried that the baby would be born after midnight and I really wanted this baby to be born on PR Dad's birthday. Sometime after 10pm it was time to push. PR Dad held up one leg and my Mom held the other. I could not feel a thing below the waist. Dr. Na ( no relation, but strangely close to my BFF Tommy Ma) kept telling me to "push into here" and apparently he was pushing some spot, but like I said I couldn't feel a thing. Pushing didn't last long and before I knew it they were handing me this this slimy, blood covered, screaming infant. And that was the moment The Phi fully entered our lives. Everything else (placentia, getting sewn up) was a blur. They took her to clean her and PR whispered to me "10 and 10" meaning 10 fingers and 10 toes. I guess he had some concerns about that. And I whisphered back to him "Happy Birthday Babe". My Mom kissed me and told me that my daughter was beautiful. And on man was she......

My Mom hugged PR Dad to congratulate him and my big, burly, manly man sobbed in my Mom's arms.

When it comes to my family and babies being born, there is nothing that stops them from coming into the room after they hear that first cry. Everyone hugged and held her. My middle sister became a Tia for the first time. Little did she know then, but she wouldn't just be a Tia, but Tia Day-Day!

It was a long ass day, and my amazing sisters stayed with me well into the early morning of the 23rd and stayed until we were all situated into a recovery room. The next few days were hard and extremely emotional for me. I even had to leave the hospital without my baby because of jaundice. I hated those hours away from her and never want to relive that again. But I had a beautiful baby girl, with black curly hair. And yes she was punk from the beginning.

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  1. What desert do you live in? I grew up in Palm Springs, CA, and now I live in NM.

  2. What a great story!! So who won the pool? :-)

  3. Terrific story! And your baby is absolutely gorgeous. wow.

  4. Epidurals really do take away the nasty pain!

    I love that she was punk rock from the start.:-)

    Oh, and Braden actually has a Tia as well, Tia Edali. One Auntie and one Tia. :-D

  5. I know I am supposed to say that your baby is beautiful here, and she IS, but god lord almighty woman, you are absolutely GORGEOUS in that picture. Really, it's kind of breathtaking. Nicely done.

  6. Isn't it crazy how the whole entire family comes out for the first baby? I had aunts, uncles, siblings, mom, dad, stepdad, cousins AND grandparents there. Sheesh. But I was in pain so bad I kept crying to my mom, "Get them out of here!!" Then as I had the rest of my children, less and less people showed up. I guess after baby #5 and 6, it just isn't as exciting. I fondly recall the Epidural Man--he was the shiznit. I could still feel somewhat down there...still felt like I pushed out a marshmallow.

    I live in Riverside...where in the I.E do you live?

  7. Beautiful story. My wife and I are expecting our first child in 2008.


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