Thursday, March 27, 2008

Office Space

1. One of our old Christmas cards. It is a picture from 2006, but it is one of my favorites. On my screen thre is also a picture of Chone and The Phi, and one of PR Dad from Bass Lake. Under the monitor there is a small frame with a school picture of Chone and a pic of PR Dad and a baby The Phi at the beach. Of course there us my reminder post-it notes. I love post-it notes!

2. The water bottle. This is technically PR Dad's but he never used it, so I "yonked" it. Like I mentioned before we have been on a health kick so I try to consume atleast 3 of these day. It is a Columbia Sportswear Company water bottle. I love the grips and the attached lid. And it's red, my favorite color.

3. I decorate the windows here at the office as well as at home. It just makes the place a little brighter. The Phi loves it too! I just took down our Easter eggs and put up some spring flowers!

4. That's my wedding ring sitting on top of my dry eraser sticky notes. (Dry skin today!) I am taking messages all day and these are great to jot stuff down and erase. Less post-it notes "even though I love them" used. Just doing my best to be "green"- ish.

5. If you know The Phi, you know that mocos (boogers, snot) are an issue. With every sneeze there is a fountain of green mocos so I always have a tissue near by. Lately I hear The Phi sneeze and right after I hear "Mom! Mocos!" Thats my call to come running with the tissue. The kid has me well trained.

6. Compressed Air. I hate when my desk is messy and dusty. It is out because I brought my camera into the office and I used the compressed air to dust it off. It also comes in handy when The Phi gets a bump or hits herself on something. If I spray a little cool air on her she says "feels better Mom".

7. My Lilo and Stitch sticker from Chone. We LOVE that movie. There was a time when Chone and I would watch that movie!

8. My rubber band ball. And no I did not purchase a rubber band ball. I actually made this Bad Larry. Yes I do have slow days at the office!

9. The coffee stick stir thingie from this morning. Usually it is 2 cups a morning, but lately I have cut it back to 1. One giant cup of coffee.

10. My burger king crown. PR Dad brought this to me on my 30th birthday! It reminds me that I am Queen of the office!

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  1. I DO remember your love affair with post-it notes. Glad to see it's still going strong!


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