Saturday, March 08, 2008

How a good deal turned into a $32 pedicure

So on Thursday PR Dad had the day off and I recruited him to work with me for a few hours because I really needed the help. After another hectic day at the office we were relaxing at home. The Phi was sleeping and I was reading and PR Dad was watching TV. I had a quick thought about getting a pedicure and I knew that I had to act quick or I would talk myself out of such a unneeded luxury. (I have not had a pedicure since our wedding!!). So I hustled out the door to the same place that did such an excellent job with my eyebrows. I remembered that they had a great deal on spa pedicures (only $17!) So I went in and they got me in right away. After picking a pretty and bright pink polish I soaked my tootsies in the whirlpool tub. I opened my book and relaxed! Then it got to the part where they are suppose to use that pumice stone thingie to get rid of all the rough skin. I was looking forward to this because like I mentioned I had not had a pedicure since June 2006! So she stop and asked me if I wanted her to get rid of the dead skin and I said yes (duh of course I do) well turns out that a nice scrub is an extra $5! So we are up to $22. Still not so bad right. Well the scrubbing was done and the polish was going on when she asked if I wanted flowers. The girl a few chairs down from me was getting flowers and they were so cute and flip flop season was upon us so I said what the heck why not. Well that's another $5 so we are now up to $27. I head over to the drier and sit and read up on Britney's crazy ass in People magazine. Its time to go and my hour of solitude was nice but as I sign my receipt for $32.00 (can't forget the $5 tip!) I was thinking wow, that great deal turned expensive really fast.


  1. i want a pedicure and manicure!!!! and a hair cut!!!

  2. But your toesies are SO CUTE now! :)

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  4. What jokers! Well even though the $17 was a lure to get you in they look really cute and you are deserving of come pampering!

    I have been dying for one....and a manicure for these nails. I was thinking of going to this beauty school that charges like $5 because they are still in school. I mean how hard can scrubbing someone's feet be? They do haircuts too but I wouldn't go that far with a trainee. lol

  5. But your toes look so adorable!!


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