Friday, March 07, 2008

The Guilty Pleasure

So I know many of you have been wondering if PR Dad and I have been sucked in once again into the American Idol craze. Well I wish I could say that we were much cooler than Amreican Idol, but we aren't and once again are hooked in. We watched all the auditions and then Hollywood week. We were sad to see little emo homeless boy go. And then it was time for America to deceide who stays and who goes. At this point we try not to get too emotionally involved with the contestants and they usually all get nicknames.

The rocker DUI chick. The wanna-be Janis Joplin. She is alright, but we dont expect to see her for much longer.

The g-rated good girl. Her voice is okay but a bit weak compared to the other ladies.

The Irish tattoo girl. She can sing but she makes some really ugly faces with she hits those notes. And it bothers me that she not really American so how can she be an American Idol?

Chakize. Just a great name to say. He totally reminds me of Carlton and even when he sings the slow R&B I am waiting for him to bust out the Carlton dance. I don't think an R&B singer can win, but PR Dad reminded me that Ruben Studdard did it!

I call him the wang danceer. You know because he use to work at a nude gay strip bar. But he and sing and gotta love the Latinos!

Little Archuleta. Too cute, He is the Chicken Little of this group, but with the real potential to win. A little too humble for us and when he makes it to the next round PR Dad and I imagine him saying things like "Aw shucks".

We call him Bowling for Soup, because he riminds me of the lead singer of Bowling For Soup (duh). He can rock and I have really liked his takes on the songs. I mean he rocked "Hello" by L. Ritchie

The country girl. She is the typical country girl singer and reminds me of Natalie Portman somehow. She will be gone soon.

We call him POD, because he looks like a light version of Sonny from the band POD. I have to admit I love this guy. He is shy and silly and has this really soft voice I could listen to alot. I don't think he has a chance at the top 2, but right now he is my fave.

The Austrailian. He has the looks (I know Lyndz likes him!) and I think thats what getting him by right now. At first I thought he might be able to take it, but his last few performances we kind of sucky.

AHH she is too cute! I call her Natalie, because she reminds me of a girl PR Dad works with. I don't know if the real Natalie can sing but this one can wail.
The yes girl. This one annoyed me right from Hollywood week when her voice gave out on her. I want her gone!
OMG I loved Danny Noreiga. He was the sheer definition of fierce. I loved his attitude, his outfits, his hair, everything! I loved Danny and was very upset to see him go home!


  1. i heard "bowling for soup" singing that song on my radio station. i guess a lot of people were calling in and telling them to play it. i loved it! it makes me want to start to watch now. when does it come on?

  2. I was so sad to see Danny go!! He had such a great voice. I don't know but I am not in love with any of the singers this year...maybe it's because they just got out of doing that cheesey decade singing. I do like my Aussie dude okay but I think that audition was a ploy to make me love him because since then I haven't been super impressed. I do like him doing soul songs better. I will keep watching though :)


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