Saturday, March 29, 2008

C is for .....

I have a friend who sells candles. Yummy very great smelling candles. I helped her out of a jam at work and she thanked me with a nice big glass encased candle called Therapy Mint. It is in my office and smells so great. I burn it every single day! This picture is from a vendor at a Farmer's Market. I felt guilty because the owner of the stand caught me taking a picture of his candles so I had to buy something from him. Ahh this catholic guilt!


  1. Nice pictures. I love grapefruit too but they have to be red and they have to have spenda on them!

  2. The expression on the little girl's face in the candy necklace photo is priceless!!

  3. Great shots. Love the first and last one, great color.

  4. Candy envy is a spectacular photo!!

    I am in love with grapefruit too.

    You can never have enough candles but the catholic guilt part was funny! :)


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