Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What Would You Do?

Say you are walking out of a store. Next door this is a very little very old lady walking out of a beauty salon. She is no more than 4 feet 9 and her hair is totally white. She is wearing those big black old people glasses. She gets into her little Escort and starts to back out of her parking spot. You hear a crunch and realize that she has hit a car. Not too bad, but no doubt she hit it. She moves her car forward. Stops and then takes off. What do you do???


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    you take down her lic. plate #. Call police. Next time it may be some small kid!


  2. I agree with your dad!! Just because she is small and old doesn't make her exempt from traffic laws.

  3. Anonymous5:22 PM

    what did you do? hope you got her license plate # b/c a person of that age that does things like that probably shouldn't be driving at all. ~nina

  4. Anonymous8:17 PM

    Ditto all three of the above.

    (like the new blog layout/look)

  5. be glad it wasn't your car!

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM

    You can refer drivers to the DMV for an evaluation of his/her driving ability. pn

  7. ya most old people behind the wheel scare me. you should have taken her plates down and called the cops for sure

  8. Anonymous4:05 PM

    You should of made a citizens arrest j/k She probably didn't even know she hit something.


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