Friday, February 22, 2008

Paranoid much?

Once is awhile I get these strange paranoid thoughts. You know the ones that bring on mini-panic attacks. Well yesterday I went to this new nail salon here in town to get my eyebrows waxed. They brought me into the wax room right away and I laid down on the nice chair. They lady then began to powder, trim and wax my eyebrows. Then I had a paranoid thought. Now usually before they begin waxing they ask how you want your eyebrows done. As I was lying there I was thinking "holy crap she never asked how i wanted then done, All i told her was that I wanted my eyebrows waxed." And as she was yanking the strips off my eyebrows I thought "Oh my god what if she is waxing off my whole eyebrow! what if there was a language barrier and she thought I told her I wanted my eyebrows waxed OFF!" So I am starting to panic and she is still doing her thing and I want to reach up and touch my eyebrow but I can't because she is all up in my face still. There is no mirror anywhere near me. Finally she was finished and I immediately sat up and searched the walls for a mirror. I looked and I had 2 eyebrows still, and not only that but 2 good looking trimmed up eyebrows. After my sigh of relief I thanked the lady and told her that it was the least painful eyebrow wax I have ever had. I think the adrenaline rush from the panic help to ease the pain.


  1. haha! post a pic of your eyebrows.

  2. well I'm so paranoid about losing my eyebrows as I get older (my mom and gma did) that I won't get em waxed at all. :)

  3. lol... well I am glad they came out nice!!! that would have freaked me out too.

  4. lol! I'm with Dawn. I spend a lot of time doing them myself because waxing is too scary for me. Not so concerned with the pain but if I can't find a decent haircut in this area then I know for dang sure I'm not putting my eyebrows on the line.

    Glad it worked out for you!


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