Thursday, February 21, 2008

Noah's Arcade

So myspace is a crazy place. I found a high school classmate from a mutual "friend" and saw that she had her own children's clothing line called Noah's Arcade. Since I am always looking for new threads for The Phi I checked out her site. And was I wowed! The site was wonderful and just oozed coolness with its brown tones. The clothing line is for boys, but you know that boy's clothes are usually much cooler than girls. They had great and funny t-shirts for boys with slogans like " P.I.M.P (Poopie In My Pants)" complete with dog tags. They have a old school carnival strongest man with the words "My Daddy is the Strongest Man in the World". Just to name a few. They also had a few black zipper hoodies. We have been searching for a cool black zipper hoodie everytime we go out to the mall, and Noah's Arcade had a really awesome one. I emailed Shannon, my high school classmate, to see if they sold their line in any stores near me. The site has a great site locator and the line can be found in shops like Kitson Kids, This Little Piggy Wears Cotton in Santa Barbara (i love this place!) and Lisa Kline Kids. Shannon responded right away and because I am from her "hood" she mailed me out a hoodie for The Phi. I loved it even more in person.

A simple black hoodie and across the top of the hood in old english lettering is states

"Just Chillin In My Hood"

The front left has the Noah's Arcade logo.

And the cutest kid ever in the cutest hoodie ever.

If you branch out to girls clothes I have your model ready!

Shannon was right when she mentioned that the sizes run small, so a 4T was a perfect fit for The Phi. It is light enough for her to wear most days. So if you know any babies and kids out there that are just too cool for the conventional stuff you find at the mall check out Noah's Arcade. Tell them Punk Rock mom sent you!


  1. noahs arc... like my work!

  2. Chillin' in "my hood" -- this cracked me up. Very clever!


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