Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Phi's Big Day

So yesterday was PR Dads day off so we decided to spend it doing things The Phi would like. I cut out of work early and we headed to the desert. I knew there was a children's museum in Rancho Mirage, but I had no idea how awesome this place would be. It was such a great place for The Phi, to run, play, explore, push buttons, climb, dress, up and role play. I really cannot say enough about the Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert.

They had a little Pizza parlor section complete with oven, cash register with "Pizza Dough" money and tables and chairs to eat. Here is Chef Boy-R-Phi making me a pizza with the works.

They had a great outside area with basketball and soccer, a sand table and other balls to play. Here is The Phi practicing basketball. Her dream is to one day play street ball with Nino JZ.

Here was an exhibit where kids could take these tubes and put them all together and to make a track for these little balls to run through. The Phi liked this one.

I couldn't get over how cute this section was. It was a grocery store, complete with an atm machine and little shopping carts. The Phi did a few rounds of shopping with PR Mom playing cashier and PR Dad playing bag boy!

One of the exhibits was a full sized VW bug that kids can paint. As you can see its been there for a while with layers and layers of paint.

To teach kids about pulley and levers they had this cool little exhibit where they are strapped in and they can pull themselves up and down.

Dr. Phi

This was by far her favorite exhibit. It was a little Vet clinic where the kids picked an animal to give a check up. You take the pet out of the cages and did a check up and then you could put them back in the cage. They even had little leashes if you wanted to take your pet for a walk. The Phi kept going back to this section to "check" on her puppy.

And of course PR Dad and I had some fun of our own.....

This is just a glimpse of what this museum had to offer. There were so many great pictures from this day. Please check them all out here CLICK

Then day did not end here. After the museum we headed back home. On the ride The Phi inhaled a sandwich and crackers and then knocked out. We then went to the library where they were having their first ever Bilingual story time. The Phi actually sat through the whole story. Normally she is all over the place. She then made a craft and had some snacks and then thanked the lady that read the story. She even told her "I liked that story". I knew she had paid attention because at home she was roaring like the coyote in the story.

Most days are centered around work and housework yesterday was a day centered all around The Phi and she had a great time. We even had some fun too!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Whoa that grocery scene sounds like someone's fantasy come true! Bow chica bow wow!!!

    Glad the Phi had a good time.

  2. we have one like that here and Kya LOVES it. It is close by so we go at least twice a month...

  3. Anonymous7:54 PM

    That children's museum is beautiful. And it looks like you had it all to yourselves! Excellent.


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