Monday, January 14, 2008

The new bed is not magic...

Here is our bedroom after we took our old bed out of the room and set it up getting it ready for the new bed.

So right before the clock struck 5 pm they delivery guys showed up and had the new bed set up in like 5 minutes. Then PR Dad and I put on the new bedding and viola new bed!

The Phi used for size comparison.

It fits better in the room than I thought it would. The room looks bigger now. And I love the new bedding. Doesn't it remind you of those old school avocado green refrigerators? I am going to attempt to make matching curtains for it. So The bed is 8 inches taller than our old bed. It is literally taller than The Phi. The great news it that Roo can still jump on top. The drawers in the box spring are awesome and hold a lot of clothes. We didn't get into bed until about midnight last night and I was looking forward to sleeping like a log. Instead there was a lot of sounds outside that were keeping me up and even though the bed in insanely comfortable I didn't get the commercial like sleep I was hoping for. So I guess my new bed maybe be tall and big and really really comfortable but it doesn't block out all noise. Oh well.


  1. Aww...I can't see the new bed, but it sounds lovely! Nothing beats a comfy bed :)

  2. I love it! That's one of those oh so comfy beds that makes you want to do scissor kicks in it :D And the bedding is adorable.

    Do you have ear plugs? Seriously...they work..


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