Thursday, December 06, 2007

Freak Out in Wal-Mart

After dinner last night we headed to Wal-Mart to pick up milk. While wandering the aisles PR Dad was trying to console an upset Phi (damn those set up video games) and he was hunched over pushing the cart and talking to The Phi. I was walking next to them when PR Dad looked up and over at a lady standing a few feet in front of us. All of a sudden he ducks his head lower, slows his pace and starts muttering, "Oh shit that's my ex-wife" I looked over at the lady and all I could say was "Are you serious?" as we got closer instead of saying hi, PR Dad just kept saying "Oh shit, oh shit what the hell is she doing here?" We walked right past her and PR Dad looked away and she didn't notice him. As soon as we walked by I started cracking up. I have never seen PR Dad so freaked out. He was completely caught off guard. His ex-wife was the last person he ever expected to see in our local Wal-Mart. I asked him why he didn't say hi. He said that he never thought he would have to deal with her ever again and was just in shock to see her after probably about 7 years. Unlike my ex-husband and I (who are still friends) PR Dad had not seen his ex-wife since she left their house.

Then he started freaking out when I said, "Maybe she lives here."

He was like "if she does she could walk into my store at anytime."

"Then you should have talked to her. Said hello, and see what the hell she was doing here. Maybe she was just passing through."

He agreed and we walked around scanning the store trying to find her again. But the ex-wife must have been sucked into a black hole because she was no where to be found. I would have loved to meet her and talk to her. I am strange like that. I mean there is nothing to be insecure about. I have the fat diamond ring, the house and the gorgeous child.

Now I didn't get the best look at her, but I did get a look at her and I noticed a wedding ring. After giving her a quick glance I could not imagine PR Dad with someone that looked like her. (ya ya I know don't judge a book by its cover blah blah blah). She dressed like she walked out of a chico's ad. Complete with black linen capri's, she had her hair pulled back tight and well she looked nothing like me. She looked more like one of my Tias than like me. She was dressed much more "grown up" despite that fact that we are the same age. She had on her comfortable black pumps as I cruised around in my Chuck Taylor's. I must admit I never thought I would see or meet the ex-wife. I was a little shocked, but nothing like PR Dad was. It is strang to think that he had a life with this woman before. Their marraige last just about a year and a half. I think because I was married before (for about 4 years) it doesn't really bug me. PR Dad and I have pasts. But I believe that because of our past relationships, we have learned about ourselves and these lessons have lead us to the wonderful marriage that we have today.

This morning as I was giving PR Dad a kiss good-bye. I joked with him and said "Tell your ex-wife hi for me if she walks into your store today" He was not amused, but then I told him that I was happy that he was mine and that I was his wife.


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    OMG"osh! Poor PR Dad!
    Next time you go to Walmart, he'll probably look around like crazy! haha

    You're such a cool wife dealing with that. I don't know how I'd react. =/
    I'm the first wife [and only, I HOPE! ] LOL

  2. Anonymous8:27 PM

    wow- you are so not jealous!!!! why did pr dad freak?!?

  3. Oh my, what an experience. Thank goodness I am on good terms with my ex and even better that my hubby accepts my ex. You were great, but such a surprise to see a grown man wither in that way. Bless.

    PS I am doing the BE surf and your story encaptured me :-D

  4. haha! why was he so freaked out? is she crazy or what?


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