Friday, December 07, 2007

Dear Santa....

Dear Santa,

What up Homie? How is been going this last year? I have had a pretty crazy year. I think the best has been all the talking I have been doing. I know so many words now. Its pretty awesome. But let me tell you Santa the real big news. I don't wear diapers anymore. My Mommy and Daddy have worked really hard with me and now I wear chonies all day long!!! Its very exciting stuff in my house. Besides that I have been a good kid all year long. I put my toys away, and I am trying harder to listen to my Mom. I sleep in a big kid bed and I even help my Mom with the cooking and I help my Dad watch cartoons in bed. I have had my rough days when I throw a tantrum and don't listen to my parents, but there are much more good days. So Santa if I have made it to your nice list here are a few things I want.

  • I am wearing 3T clothes now. I just had a growth spurt and weighing in at about 28 pounds! My shoes are a size 8

  • Some of my favorite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba, The Wiggles, Curious George, Clifford and my very favorite is Spongebob Squarepants. I can even sing the theme song.

  • I am really liking playing tea party with anyone who will play with me.

  • I am really into wooden puzzles too. And let me tell you I am pretty good.

  • I love to paint and color and cut things out with scissors.

Well that's all I can think of now. I hope that your Christmas is not too stressful. And remember that I will be at my Nana and Tata's house with all my cousins on Christmas morning. I will make sure that Tata cleans out the chimney for you! Until next year!

Love, Peace and Hair Grease,

The Phi


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

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  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    she looks so big now!!! ~nina


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