Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 07

We started Christmas Eve by uniting my family at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to caffinate for the long night ahead. Then we headed to this street that gets all decked out for the holiday. We walked the block.

Tia Day-Day doing the Peanuts dance.

Me and Chone with our favorite, "Lilo & Stitch".

We then headed to Big Nana and Big Tata's house. As soon as we walked in my Tia Ang gave The Phi her first gift of the night. She LOVED it.

The Phi on her Big Wheel

Santa paid a visit to a bunch of crying babies.

The best part of the holiday, my whole family together.

They are wierd-o's even on Christmas.

PR Mom, The Phi, and Big Tata
We got the kids settled and put to bed and then we woke up early to a mountain of gifts.

The Twinkies loving their gifts. It just looks gender biased but they both got truck and they both got dolls.

The Pro gift unwrapper.

Chone smiling and happy its Christmas

Our resident baker with some new tools.

After a quick stop to see my BFF Jess and her baby belly and then another quick stop at the cemetery to wish my cousin a Merry Christmas (we ran into a few cousins there), we headed to PR Dad's grandparents house. Where another pile of gifts awaited The Phi.

Syriah is just a doll!!

PR Dad was Gma's Secret Santa and he bought her a gorgeous necklace.

Oh yea and The Phi bought me some Spongebob Squarepants PJ's. This is just the pants, there is a matching shirt. Oh yea sexy. PR Dad also got me some LAMB perfume. It was a great Christmas. We are all still recovering!

For all the Christmas pics Click Here

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