Thursday, October 04, 2007

Todos Mis Tantrums

What a morning. PR Dad and I both have colds. (Thanks Elaine) We are both snotty and achy and not sleeping well. This morning I had to pick up a new RD at 8am. PR Dad was going to work at 10 am. After I got ready I went in to wake up The Phi and she woke up in a mood. And by a mood I mean bad mood. She cried and screamed as I got her dressed. She cried and screamed while she sat on her potty. She cried and screamed as we walked out the door. And when she starting fighting when I tried to put her in her car seat I lost it. I didn't say a word to her. I was done trying to talk her down. I picked her up (resisted the urge to throw her across the yard), went back into the house, but her back on her bed, closed her bedroom door and told PR Dad that I would be back for her. After being 10 minutes late picking up the RD I had about an hour to cool off. My boss came in and had brought gifts from a recent trip. She had bought The Phi a little fuzzy purse that I knew she would love. I came back for her and she was laying in bed with PR Dad watching some cartoons. As soon as I walked in she said "Sorry Mommy" and I gave her the purse and everything was normal again. We had a good day at the office and when we came home we decorated the front window with some really really cute cut-outs from

Man this kid loves to take pictures!
Then we spent some time dancing around to the Selena CD "Todos Mis Exitos". For some reason PR Dad had this in his CD case. I taught The Phi the washing machine and how to dance to cumbia. She then taught me how to do this crazy dance where you wear glasses and shake your butt while holding a pillow. She is still working on the name, but I know that its going to be in all the videos soon.

It is amazing the roller coaster of emotions you can have in one day as a parent. In one day there is sheer frustration and sheer joy all within 7 hours. It is totally crazy and even with the frustrations its the best thing ever.

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  1. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Hurray! thats so lovely!!
    xo heidi


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