Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Potty Training Update

So the pull-ups are starting to work. Thanks to the person who commented and told me to give it some time. Yesterday The Phi went #1 and #2 in the potty all day. We used one pull-up the whole live long day. She also has started telling me when she has to go instead of me asking her every 5 seconds. We are even using the potty at the office. I knew that this potty training thing would take time, and the new sticker chart has been a great incentive for her. I am still amazed at what kids will do for a sticker. So while at the bank today I realized the only problem the pull-ups is the characters. I know that Huggies has a deal with Disney and thats why you have the the toy story, cars and princess designs. Today at the bank the teller called The Phi princess. It erked me. The whole princess waiting for her prince charming thing erks me and I have tried to avoid the dolls, and movies. But Pull-ups are designed for each gender so I can't buy the Cars ones for The Phi because apparently she needs different kinds of leak protection. So now she has princess pull-ups and she now knows who the princesses are. When we are at the store she can spot all the princess books, toys, dolls and movies. It is only a matter of time before she is demanding Cinderella costumes, Snow White movies. And waiting for a man to come save her. All because of some potty training pants. Are there any other non-generic training pants out there? Ones without gender biased pictures on them.

Oh and is it a bad thing when you pull into the drive-thru at the new Chinese place in town there are about 15 cats hanging around??


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Its a good thing that there are 15 cats still around...Be worry when the cats start to disappear...Then you you know your not eating beef...

    Hoagie Man

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey lis, does the phi have her own website.

  3. Anonymous7:09 PM

    just take a sharpie to the pull ups! :) ~pap

  4. there are other brands. like walmart brand. she can use the boy ones.


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