Friday, August 17, 2007

Who Does #2 Work For?

It started when I found out that our friends Eric and Kimberli were pregnant with their second baby. Its another girl. Kimberli and I were pregnant at the same time with our first babies. Little Dylan (ADORABLE!!) was born about a month after The Phi. And now they are very happy to be expecting another little girl. And then a couple who's blogs I read everyday who have a little girl about The Phi's age just announced that they are expecting their second baby. But the last one really hit home. It a very non-chalant kind of way, in an "and oh by the way" kind of way by BFF informed me that she is also expecting her second baby in late Feb/early March. I am sooo excited for her. Her little boy will be 3 in October and is the cutest little thing around. Beautiful blue eyes and smart little kid. This pregnancy has been different for her than her first one so she is thinking it may be a girl. And well she is craving the Taco Bell, so I am convinced that its a girl. (I craved bean and cheese burritos when I was pregnant with The Phi). All this baby news has me really thinking about #2. There are times when I think that we could be happy with just the 3 of us. Pr Dad, Me and The Phi. The car seat fits so well and safely in the middle of the back seat. Those single strollers are much smaller and easier to drive around than those double ones. And how could I love another one as much as I love The Phi. Would the next kid even compare to the coolness of The Phi? But then there are times when I see newborns, or even ultra sounds and think that one more would be nice. As I write this a very pregnant and happy lady is walking by my office window. It made me smile. And then there is The Phi, who would benefit so much from a sibling. Yesterday she was talking with her Little Mermaid doll and then I overheard her playing with Roo "Come on Roo, Do you want to see Mommy? Lets go!" She would love someone else to talk to. Someone who might understand her Phi-anese. There is no doubt that PR Dad wants another one. Hell he would like a lot more. He is crazy like that. The time for another one is soon and I like the idea of being pregnant again, but not carrying around The Phi while pregnant. Luckily she doesn't want Mom to carry her as often as she wants Dad to carry her. But now that my BFF is pregnant again, it has made the urge for #2 stronger.


  1. its either baby #2 or bulldog. you can only have babies for so long, a bulldog you can buy at any age

  2. Anonymous9:48 PM

    I can"t afford another little niece or nephew....DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! HaHa


  3. listen to nike and "just do it!", literally.

  4. Anonymous11:46 AM

    baby #2 is complicated. I got pregnant when Liam was 6 months old and miscarried. They would have only been 14 months apart. I'm pregnant again and probably miscarrying right now and it sucks again! How was it so easy the first time around????-jdub


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