Thursday, July 05, 2007

Temperatures Rising

It is that time of year here in the desert. Where the temps get to 100+ degrees. Yes people like 118 most days. It is miserable outside, seriously it feels like you are standing in front of an open oven at 400 degrees. Like that hot. So as you can imagine we have been spending all our time indoors in our air conditioned house and office. The outside temps are not the only temps rising. The Phi has had a fever for the past few days. A fever and a runny nose and a bad attitude. I could not get her fever down with anything expect a lukewarm bath. So yesterday she took a few baths to keep her temps down. Thank goodness she slept through the whole night last night and woke up her normal crazy self. I hope her fever is officially gone. Since The Phi was sick-o and PR Dad worked we spent the 4th at home. At about 9 we saw fireworks from the porch and even bbq'ed some hot dogs and hamburgers, because we are American like that.

On another note, my buddy G$ and I have started a movie/book/music/whatever else tickles our fancy/ review blog. Check us out at
So Money

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  1. 118 degrees?! Holy Sh-t!
    Here in SB it's been 70-80's but humid! I was this close to buying an a/c or dehumidifier. My truck a/c does not work (never has) and I sleep with my bedroom fan blowing on me all night. I was suffering big time. Tonight the fog is in and life is good again. I'm such a wuss.



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