Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Totally Snubbed at the Playground

So yesterday we were at the usual park and The Phi was having her usual good time. PR Dad and I were hanging out, trying to convince her to go down the big slide and just talking like normal. You know about the weather, the house for sale, what we were going to make for dinner, normal boring married people stuff. PR Dad was noticing that most people there were either just Mom or just Dad. Then I spotted another couple with their twin girls. Since it was still the early afternoon the place was pretty empty. The little girls were about The Phi's age and I was secretly hoping they would say hi or talk to us. They never did, later on I noticed that the Mom and struck up a conversation with a different Mom. They were asking the usual questions like "how old is your daughter?" "do you live near by?" "Huggies or Luvs?" Then later I overheard them exchange phone numbers and make plans for a play date. What the!? I had to bring it up to PR Dad. Why doesn't anyone ever talk to us at the playground. Wait! A Mom talked to me once, she asked me where The Phi got her shoes. But that was it, she was in a full fledged Mommy group. So as we walked back to the XB I asked PR Dad if he thought we were unapproachable. I mean we don't yell, we don't smell bad, our kid is as cute as hell, so whats the problem. My brilliant husband thought this over and gave me the answer......

"It's the goatee"

Well at least its not me.


  1. totally what i was thinking the whole time i was reading that!

  2. Anonymous11:33 PM

    PR Mom:
    Don't EVER look for acceptance from "ordinary people". You are different. THANK GOD!

  3. is the Phi still wearing her "I'm rick james bitch" t-shirt- that might scare them away. :)

  4. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Shoot...I've known Joey for a while now and the goatee still scares me :)

  5. Haha well, at least you know the reason! ;)

    (passing through via BE)


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