Punk Rock Parents: Independent Woman

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Independent Woman

Oii it is already freakin hot! The house was a awful 89 degrees when we came home from work! Ugh!

Yesterday The Phi was Miss Independent Woman. First, in the afternoon she disappeared. It was really quite so when I went to go check on her, she had put herself down for a nap. She even got under the covers and was hugging George! I was so shocked. Then after she was soaped down I went into the bedroom to work on some Father's Day stuff, and a few minutes later she walks into the bedroom, dripping wet. She had got out of the tub all by herself. If she could open the fridge she wouldn't need us anymore!


  1. dont leave her alone in the bathtub! i got lili's hair in a ponytail cause its been hot here too.

  2. We hit 102 yesterday and today is supposed to be 103! It was in the 90s in the middle of the night and none of us could sleep!