Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ours and theres

We took The Phi out to a park out by the University near us. It is a nice park with a great toddler play area and even better big kid play area, lots of trails to walk, trees to hide behind, and even a gorgeous rose garden to wander through. PR Dad noticed the playground and commented on how different our playgrounds were back in the day...

For all the over 25 crowd. Doesn't this look like the playgrounds we use to play on. Remember the Briggs School metal bars where people would do cherry drops from. And the giant metal slides that were impossibly hot to play on during the summer. Well people I am here to tell you, that this next generation has it made. They will never know the feeling of the back of your legs burning against the hot metal as your scrap down a slide like the one in the picture above. Their little palms will not be calloused from grabbing onto burning metal bars. Instead of a slide, some bars and a few broken swings The Phi will play on playgrounds like this.....

No joke, this thing has 2 levels. like 4 plastic slides. No hot metal, just some static electricity to deal with. It looks like a ride from Magic Mountain. This monstrosity of a playground equipment was complete with new modern teeter-toter's, a bridge, a balancing bar, lots of climbing stuff and on and on. This playground even had a mini rock wall for kids. And you know what else they get?? Soft cushiony stuff on the floor to land on.

The Phi sent her time on the toddler playground set. It was a perfect size for her. Challenging enough for her not to get bored. But small and safe enough for Pr Dad and I to be able to sit close by and watch and not be on top of her the whole time she played. She even went down the slide about 5248631 times all by herself.

At only 23 months old, she already knows the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

Painting the roses red!

We're painting the roses red.

Oh, pardon me.

But Mister Three

Why must you paint them red?


Oh! Well, the fact is, Miss We planted the white roses by mistake

And...The Queen she likes 'em red

If she saw white instead

She'd raise a fuss

And each of us

Would quickly lose his head

Goodness! Since this is the part we dread We're painting the roses red

The Phi even interacted with other kids!!
**Special PRP shout out to anyone who can tell me where that painting roses song comes from**


  1. duh! alice in wonderland

  2. haha i was going to leave the exact same comment as super mom up there... lol

  3. Awww, I was so proud of myself...I knew it was Alice without even googling it (I pinky swear that I didn't).

    I feel a little weird that I am actually jealous of the Creep sometimes. I look at these fairy wonderland playgrounds and see all of my itty bitty "when I was 5" dreams come true.

    Yeah, except for the part where my ass can't fit on the slide.

  4. of course it's alice in wonderland. hey lis' do you remember the little girl at Briggs that attempted a cherry drop and then the dirt was covered in her blood b/c she landed right on her face- after that the admin said we couldn't do cherry drops anymore??? :(


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