Wednesday, April 18, 2007

An Early Mother's Day Gift

The Phi has given me the best Mother's Day gift. Yes its a tad bit early, but The Phi is still not really good at reading calendars. After months of agonizing about it. Months of going to bed sad about it. Months of having my heart break with each passing day, The Phi has started to say "MOM" and she is saying it to me, and it is so freakin' awesome. She would slowly slip it into a conversation and I have been not wanting to talk about it or blog about it in fear that she will stop. I remember when she was born and thinking, 'when will I feel like a Mom'. And now every time The Phi calls me "Mom" I don't just feel like Mom, but like Super Mom. Watch me carry 12 things in only 2 hands. Watch me type and take calls and make lunch. Watch me feed the dog, feed the fish and feed The Phi all at the same time. Apparently The Phi is much to cool for silly kid names like mommy and daddy. I mean those words are for babies. This almost 2 year old calls her parents "Mom" and "Dad".


  1. OMG, so happy for you that it finally happened!!! I know it must feel like music to your ears!!!! You know AJ has called me "Mamita" for the longest time, but just recently he has started to throw a few "moms" in there. He sounds super grown, when he calls me "mom" Too cute!

  2. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Awww, Liz, how cute is that. I can't wait to hear her say it.
    Tia Mary


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