Monday, February 26, 2007

Pimp My Ride

So its been over a year since I lost my beloved Neon to an idiot who killed my poor car. In a pinch we took the insurance money and bought a used Jeep outright. We needed something with no payments and something to fit a car seat. The Jeep is a 1994 and it has been really good to us, but over the weekend while running errands we had the window down and the car sounded like Oscar the Grouch's Sloppy Jalopy. I had visions of me and The Phi's stranded on the side of the freeway with smoke coming out of the hood with a trail of car parts behind us. I could not get that picture out of my head. I do not do well in those kind of situations. So PR Dad went to a dealership to see what he could do. I hate car dealerships and car dealers. They made me nervous and I can't seem to trust anything about them. They leave me upset, tense and on the defensive. Plus I didn't want to chase The Phi around for hours. So after a long time he came home with a Scion. We have wanted one for years!! We were finally able to trade in his truck and get something new with the same payment. Of course we were hoping for cheaper payments but for now we can deal with the same.


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Congrats! You'll have fun driving around (stress-free) in that!

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Congrats, it's nice. Is it roomy inside?


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