Monday, February 26, 2007

Brothers and Sister

Joey picked up some new habits while living in SB with my parents. One of them was watching the show Brothers and Sisters. I have been watching all the old episodes on (by the way how cool is it that you can watch TV online!) and I have become hooked. This show has made me think about our family and the number of kids we would have. I love on the show how involved the brothers and sisters are in each others lives and how they are always there for each other. It really makes me want to have a big family. Now that The Phi is getting bigger we often get asked by family, friends and strangers (infact the mailman asked me today) if and when we will have more kids. And of course we want more. If we could afford to have 4 I think we would. But reality is we can't afford 4, so I think 2 is going to be our magic number. There are times (like yesterday when I was holding the new baby in the family) that I think we could do it soon. But there are other times (like when I lay in bed with The Phi and we just stare at each other) when I can't imagine how would ever be able to love anymore than I do. Would I feel guilty about PR Dad and I not being able to concentrate only on The Phi? Is she ready to be a big sister? PR Dad wanted to have our kids 2 years apart, I wanted 3 year. There are times that I think maybe 4 or 5 years would be better. You know give The Phi enough time to grow up a little.

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