Thursday, December 21, 2006

Xmas #1

We had Grandma Kim (Joey's Mom) over for dinner last night so that we could spend some Christmas time together and exchange gifts. The Phi was super spoiled by Grandma this year!!

Here is The Phi with her new pig flashlight. When you squeeze the handle it 'oinks', the mouth opens and there is a light inside. Notice on the right is a Backyardigans cup. It has a sports bottle top and the bottom screws off to put in snacks. It goes with her Backyardigans plate set from Grandma. She even got a new baby doll.

Here is Joey opening up our family gift. ( a flashlight that never needs batteries or a new bulb!) He is showing me that there is no L in Noel. Joey and I also got super soft and cuddly robes.

Even Roo got a gift bag from Gidget (Gma Kim's doggie!)

And the greatest gift of all!!
A Hello Kitty tent! The Phi LOVED this gift. She started putting her dolls inside and even put her car in there for awhile. This thing is huge and after we put it up. (which was surprisingly easy!) She ran in and would look at us out of the windows screaming!

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  1. Anonymous9:38 AM

    What kid doesn't love a tent! That is just too cool.


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